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Cultivate a deeper connection to self

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Looking for private yoga sessions? Drop me a message and I would be happy to put something together.

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Join Eve and be supported to cultivate a deeper connection to yourself,
to live more consciously and blissfully and live your life from the heart.


A dynamic class to build up the Agni, the fire, to build strength & flexibility, tone the body and clear the mind. Flowing mindfully by aligning the breath with the movement, getting the Prana, energy flowing. Suitable for beginners through to regular Yogis, Vinyasa classes involve movement, meditation and pranayama.

Heart Space Yoga - Yoga Classes
A traditional style class focusing on cultivating and building strength and stability of both mind and body. The postures are held for longer to allow you to practice correct alignment, feel grounded and connect deeply with the breath. This slow flow class includes meditation and pranayama.
Yin Yoga
A nurturing, slow paced class. Practised low to the mat, using props for supported longer holds and passive postures to stretch connective tissues (fascia). designed to release tension in the body and mind. Improving flexibility, range of motion and circulation and relieving tension in the joints. Calming and soothing the nervous system with the aid of meditation and pranayama.
Yoga Nidra

The practice of Yoga Nidra is a practice of yogic sleep that will guide you to a blissful state of deep meditation.  It is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Supporting overall wellbeing, the practice can be highly beneficial for easing insomnia, decreasing anxiety, alleviate stress, heighten awareness and focus and increasing connection of mind, body, spirit.

Heart Space Yoga - Yoga Classes
Mum & Bubs

Connect with other Mums in a fun, supportive and relaxed class for Mums to enjoy some gentle movement to help support the body’s healing process while bonding
with your babies.

Wedding Yoga
Start your Hen’s day celebrations by getting the energy and excitement flowing in a private Yoga class with all your girlfriends. On your Wedding morning, a slow flow yoga & meditation can really help set the tone of inner peace, gratitude, presence and love to carry you throughout the day’s events.

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