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Welcome to the magical world of Heart Space Connection.

At Heart Space we are incredibly passionate about offering services and healing therapies that encourage you to connect in deeply with yourself, and support you on your journey of self-discovery.

Through Energy Healing, Cacao Ceremonies, Yoga and Sound Healing, you will begin to access those hidden parts of yourself, and grow to become more aware of yourself and the world around you, finding your own balance and flow.

By facilitating these practices, we will also open you up to the process of learning how to heal yourself, support yourself with love and become aligned with who you truly are.

Servicing Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast to Lorne, we invite you to connect with us today.

Sound healing

Sound Healing Therapy uses the vibrational frequency of instruments, such as Tibetan Singing bowls, Crystal bowls, Native drums, Koshi Chimes, as well as vocal sounds and Mantra, to induce the body into a deep state of trance, relaxation and meditation. 

The deep relaxation and surrendering to the breath allow the body to heal, while activating your deeper consciousness. The sound vibrations work on unblocking the chakras (energy centres) throughout the body to release dis-ease, tension, stress, anxiety and allow the energy to flow freely and vibrantly.

Sound healings can be experienced in a 1:1 healing session, as a small group sound bath, or included in a Reiki Healing session.


Yoga is an ancient practice, bringing together mind, body and spirit through a series of movements and poses, offering many benefits including improved flexibility, balance, mental clarity, reduced stress and supporting overall health.

To me, Yoga isn’t about being able to bend your body into a pretzel but more about cultivating a deeper relationship with your true self, and is such an essential part of the healing journey.

I practice from the heart and my classes offer a supportive and calming space where students can immerse themselves fully into their practice.

I offer many styles of Yoga, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Mums and Bubs and Wedding yoga, so you are able to find the style that best suits you and your lifestyle, helping you foster that deeper connection to self and improve your own well-being and mindfulness practices.

Energy Healing

My energy healings offer a combination of Reiki and Crystal Therapy to maximise the incredible healing and cleansing benefits of both holistic therapies. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique offering health benefits by unblocking the Chakras and induce stress reduction, relaxation, aids better sleep, boosts vitality. 

Incorporating crystals and minerals helps to clear and remove any dense energy that has become stagnant throughout your body, allowing positive light and energy to flow freely.

By balancing the chakras, the body can begin to heal itself naturally, promoting creativity, mental clarity and improved health and wellbeing. 

Sound Healing can also be added to your energy healing session.

Hello, Im Eve

facilitator and owner of Heart Space Connection.

As a busy wife, mamma and business owner, the need to cultivate a deeper connection to self has become an essential part of my everyday lifestyle to help alleviate stress and keep me grounded and balanced.  

I have always had a keen interest in alternative therapies, with an innate desire to support people in a more holistic way to feel aligned, in particular helping other women feel beautiful, empowered and inspired, while at the same time learning how to re-connect with themselves.

Yoga and holistic healing have enriched my own life immensely and I am fascinated by the transformation that these therapies can facilitate.  In my heart I feel I am here to share these incredible healing benefits with others walking the same path.

I am passionate about holding space for people to explore, release, restore, heal and practice from the heart, offering a nurturing space where my clients and students can immerse themselves into their journey through varying practices and techniques. 

If you feel that there is a deeper purpose for you, or you need space to heal, ground or re-balance, then allow me to help you.

Cacao ceremonies are one of the oldest holistic healing practices used by indigenous cultures all over the world. These types of healing ceremonies work with rebalancing energies in the body to regain health and wellbeing. 

Cacao opens the layers of consciousness in a soft, gentle, loving way by opening up the heart chakra, allowing deeper connection on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Ceremonial Cacao is made of the whole cacao bean and is much more potent than Chocolate. Cacao has a psychoactive but no psychedelic properties.

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