Heart Space Connection

Heart Space Connection

Connecting you back to your heart Space

Fiona Heart Space Yoga

Hello, I'm Eve

Energy Healer / Ceremony Facilitator / Yoga Teacher

As a busy wife, mamma and business owner, Yoga quickly became an essential part of my everyday lifestyle to help alleviate stress, keep me grounded, connected and, hopefully, a little more graceful.  

I hadn’t always been on my path of self-discovery and started with 20 years’ experience in the Beauty & Wellness Industry, from working as a Beauty Therapist to running my own freelance Hair & Makeup business.  Although I have loved helping thousands of women feel beautiful and empowered, I have always had a keen interest in alternative therapies and a burning desire to support people in a more holistic way.

It was after the birth of my third child that my quest for a more fulfilling, spiritual lifestyle propelled my career onto the path of yoga and mindfulness.  Yoga has enriched my life immensely and I am fascinated by the transformation yoga and holistic healing therapies can facilitate.  I wish to share these incredible healing benefits the practice offers both on and off the mat.  

To me, Yoga isn’t about bending your body into a pretzel but more about cultivating a deeper relationship between your mind, body & spirit and connecting with your true self.

I practice from the heart and my classes offer a nurturing space where students can immerse themselves into their practice.
I am passionate about holding space for people to explore, release, restore and heal.