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Sound Healing Geelong & Surf Coast

Experience sound healing therapy to help soothe and balance your nervous system, improve sleep, lower stress levels, help reduce anxiety and allow your energy to flow freely and vibrantly.

Sound Healing Benefits Frequencies to Relax Your Mind & Body

Deep Relaxation

We all have a vibrational frequency which is why sound frequencies (such as music or your favourite song) impacts how you feel. Sound therapy is designed to use frequencies that help reduce stress and promote harmony and balance.

mental, emotional, & spiritual well-being

Different instruments are used to create a variety of frequencies and vibrations that have an impact on an emotional level to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Improves Health

Vibrations from sound therapy works at a deeper level and can improve sleep, reduce chronic pain and blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, low self-esteem and absent-mindedness.

Sound Bath Geelong

Sound Bath Meditation

Do you constantly feel on edge or overwhelmed? Or maybe you feel the impact of the day to day stress we experience in life?

Then you’ll benefit from immersing yourself in the ancient technique of sound healing. Experience instrumental music at a frequency and vibration level designed to recalibrate the body to its natural state of harmony and balance. Think of it as an acoustic meditation sound concert.

Bissful Sound Therapy

During a Heart Space Sound Bath session you’ll typically be lying down, with any bolsters, cushions or blankets you may need, to settle in nice and cosy.  A quick guided meditation or breathwork activation will help to prepare for your blissful journey before being cocooned in the sounds of Crystal singing bowls, Buffalo drums, Tibetan bowls, Koshi Chimes, Chakra Chimes, Ocean Drum, Rain stick, Crystal Pyramid & Handpan.

Sound Healings are a great addition to your retreat experience, wedding function or private gathering.


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Sound Healing Surf Coast Heart Space

Interested in Sound Healing for physical and emotional wellbeing?

Experience the benefits of our sound bath events for yourself and discover the power of sound healing.


Most frequent questions and answers

Sound healing, or sound meditation therapy, is an ancient practice that uses vibrational frequencies to balance the energy frequency in the mind and body. Just like how music can effect your mood, sound healing incorporates instruments that hold a unique sound and vibration that corresponds with the body’s energy and frequency levels to balance them.

This helps to alleviate symptoms from physical, mental and emotional conditions such as stress, anxiety, high body pressure, cardiovascular disease, muscle pain, mood disorders and poor sleep. 

It is up to you if you would like to sit in a comfortable position, which will keep you present in your physical body, but I like to recommend relaxing and lying down to allow you to go on a journey.  As your body absorbs the healing frequencies,  have an awareness of what is felt or experienced during the journey with no expectations and with a sense of open curiosity.

Due to our hectic lifestyles, often people may doze off to sleep as soon as their body remains still and relaxed.  During a sound bath, it’s completely ok if you fall asleep, because the frequencies are working on a cellular level, your body will still be “listening” and absorbing all of the many benefits.

Every sound healing journey varies, not only from person to person, but also, each sound bath experience is slightly different.  Generally, people can feel a sense of incredible relaxation, deeper connection to themselves and others, profound journeys and connection with spirit guides, clarity on particular issues, connection with passed loved ones, visions, audible journeys. The experience can vary from light and joyful, to deep traumatic releases and healing.