Heart Space Cacao Ceremony

Facilitation Course

Single Origin Cacao

Embrace the Magic of Mamma Cacao

Unlock the transformative potential of Ceremonial Cacao as a heart-centered facilitator.

Join us on a journey into the realm of this sacred plant medicine, where you’ll immerse yourself in its ancient wisdom, connect deeply with your true self and also learn how to share its profound magic with the world.

Your Journey With Cacao

My intention in creating this course is to journey with you and share the incredible magic of Ceremonial Cacao.

The Heart Space Cacao Ceremony – Facilitation Course is deigned to be an introduction into the world of this transformative plant medicine.

Upon completion you will have a sound foundation, knowledge and understanding to become a heart-centered facilitator and share the magic of Mamma Cacao with the world, through your own unique gifts.

What To expect

  • Connect with Mamma Cacao
    Explore the depths of this powerful plant medicine and cultivate a profound connection with its healing properties.
  • Heart-Centered Facilitation
    Learn the art of holding space and guiding transformative ceremonies, tapping into your unique gifts to create deeply impactful experiences.
  • Comprehensive Foundation
    Gain a solid understanding and knowledge base of Cacao’s history, rituals, and ceremonial practices, that supports you to confidently step into the role of a cacao ceremony facilitator.
  • Empowerment to Share
    Unleash your potential to spread love, healing, and connection by sharing the magic of Cacao in your own authentic way.facilitator.
  • Personal Transformation
    Experience your own growth and healing throughout the course, nurturing your spirit and expanding your consciousness as you dive into a jjourney of self-discovery, fostering inner healing through Cacao’s nurturing embrace.
  • Express Your Authenticity
    Unleash your unique gifts and talents, infusing your facilitation with authenticity and love.

Join Us in Embracing the Magic!

The Heart Space Cacao Ceremony – Facilitation Course is your portal to becoming a catalyst for healing and transformation. Let’s embark on this soulful adventure together, shaping a world of love, healing, and unity.

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