Holistic Wellbeing with Heart Space Connection

Welcome! I’m Eve, Holistic Therapist and creator of Heart Space Connection. 

As a busy wife, mamma and entrepreneur, cultivating a deeper connection to self has become an essential part of my everyday lifestyle to alleviate stress, maintain overall wellbeing and enrich my relationships.

I have dedicated the last 10 years as an energy healer to further immerse myself in holistic modalities and wellness therapies and have obtained relevant qualifications, tools and experience to best support you on your own healing journey.

Now based in the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula, and servicing Geelong through to the the Surf Coast, I have lovingly created Heart Space Connection to empower other women to reconnect with their heart and discover their own power within themselves.

Holistic healing instructor at Heart Space Yoga and Wellness Geelong

Purpose & Passion

Using my knowledge and experience in holistic therapies, I am passionate about teaching women these incredible tools, to access their body’s innate healing abilities, and cultivate the best version of themselves with a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Holistic Wellbeing Therapies

For the past 5 years I have specifically supported women dealing with stress and anxiety, to release traumatic and stagnant energy and achieve inner balance & homeostasis.

As a certified practitioner, I offer a variety of complimentary therapies for holistic wellbeing including Somatic Healing, Sound Healing, Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Breathwork,  Cacao Ceremonies and Yoga.

Connect with me and let’s discuss how I can best support you on your journey through this rollercoaster life. You will feel empowered, aligned and living your purpose.

Sound Healing Services Bellarine
Yoga & Holistic Wellbeing Bellarine Peninsula 2

Begin Your Journey…

Yoga and healing therapies have enriched my life immensely and I’d love the opportunity to help you transform your life with holistic wellbeing therapies.

So if you feel overwhelmed, lost, disconnected, or maybe you need space to heal or re-balance, then allow me to help you.

"Live your life from the heart" - Eve