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My Energy Healing (Somatic Healing) sessions are tailored to offer you optimum support in navigating whatever rollercoaster life has you on. Weaving a combination of traditional Reiki, Pellowah, Intuitive Energy Healing, Breathwork, Light Language and Crystal therapy to maximise the incredible healing and cleansing benefits of these holistic therapies.

Somatic Healing Therapies

Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit


Reiki is a Japanese healing practice and stems from the belief that we all have our own healing energy.  When this energy becomes weak or blocked, we can experience varying degrees of physical and emotional imbalances.  The practice of Reiki allows this energy to be moved throughout the body to help bring you back to equilibrium.


Breathwork sessions involve a variety of breathing patterns where you will consciously control the flow of your breath. It is a form of active meditation which uses breathing practices to try and alter your mood and activate your parasympathetic nervous system for deep healing.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy another form of vibrational medicine that has been used for centuries. Using mineral-rich crystals promotes the clearing of negative or stagnant energy and amplifies positive energy flow throughout your body, mind, and soul.

Energy Healing Geelong

Wellbeing & Energy Healing

Energy healing is an ancient modality that has been practiced by many civilisations for thousands of years. My Energy Healing sessions offer many health benefits by unblocking the Chakras to promote an overall sense of calm and wellbeing.

Healing From Within

The result of Somatic and Energy Healing will allow your energy to flow freely for a positive impact on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The benefits are varied and extensive, including:

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Enhance your Somatic Healing Experience

Energy healing is effective in achieving emotional balance, personal development, rejuvination and spiritual growth.

It can be experienced as a stand alone service or combined beautifully with Sound Healing.

Wellness & Energy Healing Services Bellarine Peninsula

Ready to release negative energy and heal from within?

Discover how somatic and energy healing can help you to release negative blocks, clear negative energy, and heal from anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Servicing Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula with group and private sessions available.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Everything has a natural flow of energy within it. An example of the body’s energy flow can be observed in the electircial currents in our brain. Energy healing works with the body’s energy by removing blockages and negative energy to benefit the patient’s physical, emotional and mental health.

All of my healings are intuitive and vary, depending on what my client needs support with.  Sessions can include an Oracle Card reading and/or some sound healing using crystal bowls, high frequency chakra chimes, drumming.  During the healing you will be fully clothed and lying down. Some gentle hand contact may be used over the body as we work the energy through any areas of tension and blockage.  It is generally a fairly quiet practice however some questions may be asked for clarification and also emotional releases may be experienced.

During the session, you might notice warming or cooling sensations in certain areas of your body, there may be emotions coming into your awareness, or different sensations throughout the organs and muscles as the energy moves around your body.  You may feel a range of emotions and a deep sense of relaxation. You might even fall asleep during a session.

Meditation is about increasing your awareness of of yourself, physically, mentally, spiritually. It asks you to observe your breath without manipulating it.   Breathwork is a form of active meditation which uses breathing practices to try and alter your mood and activate your parasympathetic nervous system for deep healing.