Heart Space Activation Spray 30ml

We invite you to reconnect with your Heart with this luxurious Heart Space Activation spray. 

Created together with Ceremonial Priestess Adrianna, from “Lovesism”, this high frequency elixir has been lovingly made in ceremony and infused with Pure Love, Heart Connection Essence, Cellular Reset Integration, Liberation Frequency, Light Language symphonies, Self Devotion Crowning and Ceremony of love & remembrance.

Affirmation: “My heart is my compass and I am always connected”


Usage: Spray towards your Soul Star, Heart Chakra and Earth Star. Imagine an emerald green light entering your energy field and your physical body. 

This spray can be used daily as part of your self love rituals, before and after meditation or yoga practices, upon awakening in the morning or before retiring to bed.


An infusion of high grade, pure essential oils (and distilled water)

Heart Space Activation Spray 30ml