Hug Mug & Cacao Pack

Choose from two designs of our popular Hug Mugs and team it with either a 100g or 250g Ceremonial Cacao pouch for the perfect self-care indulgence.

PLEASE NOTE: Ceremonial Cacao is temperature sensitive and as such, great care must be taken during warmer months.  Please ensure your delivery will not be left exposed to the elements. Heart Space Connection is not responsible for melting or other damages caused by heat exposure during the shipping & delivery process.

Cacao can go through a natural “blooming” process which slightly alters the colour or appearance over time.  This does not impact the quality or the taste of the product.


Weight 0.5 kg
hugmug and cacao pack

Splash hug mug & 100g cacao, Freckle hug mug & 100g cacao, Splash hug mug & 250g cacao, Freckle hug mug & 250g cacao, 2 x hug mugs & 250g cacao

Hug Mug & Cacao Pack